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Alex Schaetzing is obsessed with music. Rich melodies, poetic lyrics, cinematic storytelling, haunting chords changes, and creative rhythms produce fascinating, atmospheric soundscapes that draw the listener in. Merging elements from folk, rock, jazz, blues and classical music into his own eclectic style, Alex is known for meticulous craftsmanship, and a warm, acoustic sound. Inspired by singer-songwriters Sting, Steely Dan, Al Stewart, and Billy Joel, composers Franz Schubert, George Gershwin, and John Williams, poets Percy Shelley, T.S. Eliot, Ted Hughes, and novelist Dean Koontz, Alex creates a world uniquely his own.

A creative, talented and versatile singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Alex expresses himself through his voice, as well as a variety of instruments, including acoustic guitar, piano, upright bass, violin, and percussion. The drum set remains his main instrument. Being influenced by diverse players such as Buddy Rich, Jeff Porcaro, Tony Williams, Jojo Mayer, and Dennis Chambers, Alex can both lay down a solid, dynamic groove, and fire off a rapid, creative solo. His outstanding musicality, time, touch, technique and feel have made him an in-demand session player in the New England area. In addition, Alex has become a specialist in drum recording techniques, vintage drums, and drum tuning.

Growing up in Germany, Alex went to a performing arts school where he was exposed to music, creative writing, stage acting, poetry and the arts since an early age. After taking cello lessons for several years, he became interested in singing and playing the guitar after seeing a Beatles film. Aged thirteen he began writing his own songs, and took drum set lessons with drummer / composer Stephan Wildfeuer. Encouraged by piano-prodigy classmates, Alex joined Fritz Moscher’s orchestra as a timpanist. Performing Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" sparked his interest in jazz and American culture.

After a semester at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Alex was accepted at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where he studied drum set with Jon Hazilla, Ron Savage and Jackie Santos. The cultural diversity at the college proved to be an ideal creative environment for Alex as he established himself as a sought-after drummer for live shows and recording sessions for artists from all over the world. Songwriting teachers such as Pat Pattison, Jon Aldrich and Grayson Hugh encouraged Alex to develop his individual style, and break away from clichés and formulas. During visits to Nashville, TN, Alex had the chance to work with some of the finest studio musicians in the US. A summer in Liverpool introduced him to the English music scene.

After graduating magna cum laude from Berklee, Alex founded his own recording studio and record label, Vagrant Gleam Music. During the following years, he released his older songs on two albums, “Seaside” and “Danger in the Sky”. Over the years, he performed and recorded with a variety of internationally artists such as Therese Ulvan, Power! Percussion, Aquiles Baez, Kizzy, Vladimir Shukin, Akiko Grace, Enrico Cerretti, Wolfgang Roggenkamp, Marina Elali, Tino d'Agostino, Sylvia Gordon, and many others. Alex has also acquired a variety of skills in the field of audio production, from recording, to digital editing, mixing, and mastering. His new, long-awaited album “Keep The Light Burning” will be released in 2015. Stay tuned…